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Abstract art is often an acquired taste. The article below is actually quite cute in displaying how art value and art taste can be in contrast with one another in the theater of life and family. Enjoy!

Abstract Paintings, You Either Love Them Or Hate Them

I’m a buyer and collector of abstract paintings. There are few things I like more than finding ones that appeal to me. My favorite type of painting is done in gouache and I have several favorite artists.

I know a lot of men spend their weekends playing golf or lurking in home improvement stores. I spend mine prowling garage sales. It’s amazing what people will sell for a pittance because they don’t recognize the value of what they own. Last weekend I purchased a painting done by Oscar Bluemner. The owner had it stored in her attic and thought it might have belonged to her dad. I got it at a steal.

I’m not always so lucky, though. I paid through the teeth for a work signed by Louis Bassi Siegriest. It was painted in 1947 and the composition was calming to me. I really didn’t mind the price, because to me the painting was worth it.

Last year my sister finally graduated college and got her own digs. As a house warming gift I found an oil painting done by Leonardo Nierman. I considered getting a frame to go with it, but decided to let her choose that herself, at my expense of course.

Another great painting that I bought is by Joanne Riddle. It’s called Trade Winds and it’s one of the best pieces that I own. It’s a huge painting and has a vibrant blue color. It was so big, I had to pay extra to have it shipped to my house.

I used to go out with a woman that had a painting done by Robert Gilberg. It was a signed abstract and it had almost a chameleon effect, since every time I gazed at it, it seemed different.

I have an aunt that shares my love of abstracts and her favorite artist is Lou Monti. I found one of these great paintings during a trip to Arizona and had it shipped to her from there. She promised to bake me some of her famous butter cookies and I plan to take her up on that.

My Grandfather was career military and is very patriotic. I had seen a modern abstract done in red white and blue hanging in town hall. I tried like mad to get them to sell it to me, but no one seemed to have the authority so I had to give it up. Too bad, it would have looked perfect over his mantle.

I tried to get my only nephew interested in abstracts. I bought one painted by Richard Diebenkorn at a good price on eBay, but I misjudged the size and it was too big for his studio apartment. I ended up reselling it at a profit, so it actually turned out well. With some of the profit, I purchased a smaller one done in 1927 and it fit well on his wall. I don’t know if he really liked it, but at least he seemed to and that’s good enough for me.”

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