Armory Art Show 2008 Flashbacks – Contemporary Art videos

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Video I of the 2008 Armory Arts Show

This event kicked off a weekend of frantic art viewing. Though not as large as Basil Miami, but with over 160 international galleries represented, this is New York’s premier fair.

Highlights of the 2008 show as seen in this art video included glances of work by Mary Heilmann, Gilbert and George, Thomas Hirschhorn, Richard DuPont and many of today’s hottest talents. Also included is a demonstration of “Vigilomiter” by Brian Dewan at Williamsburg’s Pierogi

Video II of the 2008 2008 Armory Arts Show

A brief tour of the Armory Show with peeks at work by Jonathan Meese, Keith Mayerson, Gilbert and George, Rodney Graham Terry Winters Berry McGee and others.

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