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I’m often asked what in my opinion the best art schools are in the United States. So, I researched the topic before making my careful selection. Of course, some schools are better for film and others for fine art/paintings, and others again for art history. And this list is no more than my opinion after research. All rankings are subjective, and there is more to selecting the university that is best for you, beyond its general ranking.

Art Education Stimulates Exploration of New Media
It is important to know that art school is to push your artistic abilities and interests further. So, you may end up graduating from your art school in an other art discipline that what you initially signed up for. So, no matter what your art medium of choice is when going into art school, consider the list below of art colleges and universities.

Art School Personality & Academic Objectives Must Match
Schools like people have personalities. First, the selection criteria for new art students vary from art school to art school. although all want what they call a ‘strong portfolio’, a ‘passion for art’, and a ‘good ability to draw from life’.

Approaching it from the other side, prospective art students must research the academic and artistic achievements of faculty and graduates. Do you like what they produce? Does it feel like great art? Inspirational? Also consider if the school’s faculty has strong connections into various art industries. Are they typically the ones who win national awards?

These and your own personal considerations will help you select the fine art school that is best for you.

Ranking US Art Schools

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