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People always ask me what art books and magazines I recommend. So, I’ve put together a library with some of the better art books and art magazines out there that relate to this blog. This art book library is updated from time to time. Some offer insights on contemporary art, others on art making, others on photography and fine craft. Below the book links here are some of the world’s leading and glossiest fine-art magazines.

Art Book Library

Books on Art Collecting
Some art lovers relish the art of collecting! To educate yourself on pricing structures and auction results, work through our art collecting resources. Have fun building your own fine art collection!

Book on Spiritual Art
Making art is a soulful activity. Find your way in by using our book reviews on this topic.

Books on Architecture & Art
The great muses of all, architecture, of course, warrants special attention from art lover and buyer alike. Reviews of many, gorgeous books on architectures, included classic reference works.

Books on Murals as Art
In a land where grafiti has long be considered art rather than vandalism, one can expect murals everywhere. We are taking this to the net, with ‘how to’ manuals as well as mural collection books.

Books on Art Techniques
Looking to understand a new medium? Or, as an artist, want to hear how others use their tools? Check out our reference books on art tools and techniques.

Books on Art Inspiration
This selection of books include interviews by artists reflecting on their career as artist and and thoughts about their art. Many of the biographical books are richly illustrated with the art they talk about.

Books on How to Market Your Art
As we realize that this blog is often read by artists themselves, we’ve included a section on art marketing, that goes beyond putting your art up for sale online. Books in this section help you to create a comprehensive ‘business’ system. these marketing books should help you to make a living out of making and marketing art.

Contemporary Art Magazine List

I think there’s nothing like the first-mentioned hard-copy magazines when it comes to top-quality art articles and art photography for inspiration, art information as well as to learn techniques and contemporary art trends. Yes, contemporary art magazines can be expensive to purchase. However, chances are your city library has some in their reference collection. If not, then have a look at my second list below, of free online art e-zines. Online art e-zines and art blogs can inform and inspire, and are FREE.

We sure hope and trust that you enjoy in this regards.

These magazines make great gifts for artists.

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