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People always ask me what art magazines I read as an artist. So, I’ve put together a list of the better art rags out there. Some offer insights on outsider art, others on art making, others on fine craft. Find below some of the world’s leading, glossy fine-art magazines. Yes, they can be expensive to purchase, but chances are your city’s main library might have some in their collection. If that’s not the case, then have a look at my second list of free online art e-zines. I think there’s nothing like a real contemporary art rag when it comes to top-quality art articles and art photography for learning techniques, trends, and inspiration. However, online art e-zines can be inspiring and insightful as well – sufficient to get you go back to the aisle. Hopla.

(BTW If you are interested in my private collection of books on fine art, modern art, contemporary art, covering a range of mediums, then peruse my Fine Art Books list.)

Art Magazines (… great gifts for artists)

Free Art e-Zines, Online Art News and Art Resources

Yes, I know, art magazines can be pricey, and XMAS is only once a year… So, I’ve put together this list of free online resources for fine artists, for art inspiration and art insights.

  • New York Times – Art News Section
  • Art commotion
  • Art News Online
  • Journal of Contemporary Art
  • Arts Wire
  • Churn Magazine

    By A. Lee

  • Speak Your Mind