Art Quilting Explained

Quilting is a popular craft, which made me decide to include it here. Author Linda Matthews just wrote this helpful article Art Quilting – What is it Exactly ? (2007). This informative article has a number of useful links for further research, as well as a general description of what this craft-fine art is all about.


“These special art quilting techniques can be studied through books or in live workshops or on-line classes. They are fun to learn and provide the art quilter with their own unique art quilter’s palette of skills. There are also many on-line art quilt groups offering information and resources for art quilters who want to stretch themselves further.

Additional Techniques

Additional art quilting techniques can be used to create interesting and unusual textures, shapes and design elements. Some of these techniques include:

• Needle felting
• Photo transfers
• Foiling
• Using a heat gun to distress fabric
• Using papers and plastics as structural elements

Express Yourself

Art has always been an expression of ourselves and our environment; a reflection of our thoughts and dreams, and can be either subjective or objective, and so it is with art quilting. The only difference is the medium – fabric and thread instead of oils or watercolors; batting instead of canvas. Plus the added ability to add further surface embellishment and texture through the use of special art quilting techniques.

The journey into art quilting is addictive and seductive and can be very rewarding. Either as a recreational hobby or a serious art form, it is a great outlet for self-expression.”

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About the Author

Linda Matthews is a textile artist, designer and teacher, and her website offers an abundance of inspiration, education and motivation in the creative aspects of textile and quilt art.

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