Art School

Can you get a decent art education on the web? The answer is a qualified ‘yes’, …. if you do your homework, and if you select a reputable art school.

The internet is actually a good way to find out about various art programs around the country, around the world. First you have to select an art school which has a good reputation.

Many of the benefits to online education have to do with added flexibility:
1. Ability to stay home and study with a college or school whose base is at a different location.
2. Ability to study when it suits you. You can work around your day job or the busy routine of a family life with children.

Challenges of online education for art schools are generally:

1. student interaction with other students, teachers and tutors.
2. student interaction with teachers and tutors
An online art school should contain just about the same as a “live” education, depending on how long and intense it is. you should be able to learn different techniques, take idea and concept based courses, at least one course in art theory and history. Personal tutoring from teachers is important as well. You have to be able to get response and feedback on your progress, otherwise it’s hard to develop your skills and ideas.

Challenges of online education for art students are generally:
1. the required discipline to ‘keep going’ when the going gets tough’ and to see coursework through to the end. Some people simply need a physical teacher around, who could frown to you if you’d tell her you didn’t complete your art project.
2. certain students need to hear or see things to be able to learn, while others are brilliant at learning through books.

What you’d get in the end

Some educations offer a degree and some just diplomas. It depends on the level on it, and how much time and money you are able to put in. if you are aiming on a degree in fine arts on a professional level, you have to take a college course and that will cost more for you in time and money investment. If you want to take some courses to learn new techniques or just for a hobby, you can take shorter single theme courses. It all depends on your needs.

The one thing to keep in mind is to fulfill your dreams. A fine or graphic art education can be something many people would advice against, but I’m of the opposite opinion. You have to try out your dreams how else would you know what your purpose in life is?

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