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This article “Scrapbooking Ideas to Make a Wonderful Scrapbook” is a perfect start for Fine Art Book makers. Get over any ‘oh my goodness, it’s about craft not art’-feelings you may have as a fine art student, and read on to learn about mood boards.

“Scrapbooking can be compared with a unique form of art. Each scrapbooker has his own scrapbooking ideas, taste and style while reflecting a personal image in the scrapbook. Knowing the right style can help a scrapbooker save valuable time, money and liveliness required for scrapbooking.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by illuminating your taste in the layout of your scrapbook to give it a unique look. You should have the full knowledge of the things that you want from your scrapbook and the way you want them to be in there. In order to be a good scrapbooker, you will need to go through other people’s scrapbooking ideas, as many as you get. Most of the people start off with their scrapbooks by sneaking into others.

The uniqueness can be registered in your scrapbook only if you are able to pick up the nicer layout designs and the more skillful techniques from another scrapper and merge it with your very own resources and pictures. Usually it’s quite normal for a scrapbooker to copy other people’s styles. With time, the scrapbooker learns and gains the confidence to break free and find her own way and technique.

To make your scrapbook spicier, you can try cutting interesting portions from different magazine, which can include certain phrases and key words, different music selections and other stuff suiting the needs of the scrapbook. This way plenty of innovative and creative scrapbooking ideas could be adopted and it is these kinds of things that enlighten the viewer with the taste and the idea of the scrapbooker and his motive in compiling the scrapbook.

Such materials are known as ‘mood boards’ and are a very powerful tool in scrapbooking. These mood boards can help you master your own style and construct your own unique layout of the scrapbook. You can begin by flipping over the pages of your preferred magazines, mostly through the fashion; living and interior designing sections and look for photos and pictures that attract you or is similar to your taste. It is not important that the pictures have to fit in your scrapbook are may be relevant.

As along as the pictures appeal to you, try putting in as many as you can, since it evokes an optimistic response. Once this is done, try to look for different colors. Choose the colors that attract you the most. You can also try selecting your preferred font or your most favorite song.

All these things will collectively help you be creative and once you set to work on them you will soon find out your own style and create brand new scrapbooking ideas of your own. Once you have put everything together, its time for you to revise and check your work, try to figure out if your scrapbook looks complete or you still require to add something further, try to figure out the theme of your technique and finally work out what your scrapbook is trying to tell you.”

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