Eve Leader, Canadian Artist Extraordinaire

Represented (currently) by Granville Fine Art gallery, Contemporary artist Eve Leader has stood her ground on the Canadian passage of change toward truly innovative art.  Canadian art has been so long synonym with either Aboriginal Art or First Nation Art, and subsequently with art by ‘the Group of Seven’.   Both originating from before Eve Leader’s time.

Canadian art

Inspired by architectural materials, Eve works with Mylar (that sheer sheet of material that architects make their schematic drawings on), linseed oil and graphite. An original combination which results in original artwork. Neo-minimalism* is the ‘proper’ term for her style, which is defined as a formless art progression which entails a re-evaluation of earlier art forms. This movement originates from the later part of the 20th century and in the beginning of the 21st century.


Furthermore, more than most, Eve Leader’s art has something to say. It has a story to tell, although she leaves it up to the beholder to finish the ending. And justly so. Art, after all is great only in the eyes of the beholder. Good art speaks to us and invites a dialog with the audience. Eve Leader’s work does.   Leaving each work untitled further helps us to find our own interpretation of her work.  “I paint about the human condition, about the mystery of life. “ says Leader.  So, while in fact a mysterious, there is also something utterly familiar and recognizable within her work. Sometime that seems to be part of our lives, indeed.



Not only does she work on Mylar, she also works on sculptures whose shapes, forms and adventures carry the same energy and themes as her paintings.


Worth a viewing if you haven’t already.   I ‘m sure her gallery, Granville Fine Art, will be more than happy to show you.  Address:  2447 Granville St. Vancouver, BC, Canada. This gallery belongs to the Dealers Association of Canada, making it a reputable place to find investment –grade art.  As well, from time to time, e.g. during open studies periods (locally called “Eastside Culture Crawl”), her studio near Commercial Drive in Vancouver, offers you plenty of works to look at.  Address:  Studio 340,  1000 Parker St., Vancouver, BC, Canada.

eve_leader_untitled_1Eve Leader graduated from Emily Carr, Vancouver’s own and institute of fine art in 1993.  Since then she has participated in numerous group, solo and juried shows. She maintains a website, eve leader.com.

* Neo-Minimalism is also called Neo-Conceptualism, Neo-Futurism, Neo-Op, Neo-Pop, New Abstraction, Poptometry, Post-Abstractionism, Simulationism, and Smart Art. Associated with architecture, works in this genre can be called “neo-geometric” or “neo-geo” art.

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