Contemporary Art Dealer’s Gift to the British

Jackie Wullschlager at, in its section on art collecting, offers a landmark article ‘An Art Dealer’s Gift to the British’: “At a rowdy Gilbert and George opening in the mid-1970s, the two artists known as the “living sculptures” dared Anthony d’Offay, a shy, fusty dealer in English art, to kiss Anne Seymour, then one […]

Donating Your Artwork — Makes Sense or No Cents?

This article explores the topic of donating work for fundraisers or charity groups. At first glance, you may wonder how giving away your work for free can make you money! Well, it may make more sense “and cents” than you might think! And it doesn’t apply just to artists…. any artist, artisan or crafter, any […]

Five Easy Ways to Market Your Craft Business Through Donations

Are you an experienced craftsperson who is looking to increase your public presence? Consider donating some of your crafts to a local nonprofit agency or local charity. Not only will this allow you to network and make important contacts, you’ll also be making a difference where it really counts and strengthening your bonds to the […]