Rose: Post-war Contemporary Artist Isa Genzken at New Museum

Isa Genzken’s 28-foot Rose II Arrives on the Bowery Acclaimed German Artist’s First Public Sculpture in the US. Genzken’s Rose is the second work in the New Museum’s Rotating Façade Program Last Saturday, November 13, 2010, the New Museum unveiled acclaimed German artist Isa Genzken’s first public artwork in the United States, installed on the […]

Sculpture Objects & Functional Art Fair in April: Sweet Spot in New York to Visit

The 12th edition of the Sculpture Objects & Functional Art Fair (SOFA) in New York City is poised to present a great range of arts and design of value in today’s international markets. The show is scheduled for April 16-19, 2009 with an Opening Preview Gala on Wednesday, April 15 at the historic Park Avenue […]

Modern Art of Jim Dine Goes Beyond Hearts and Bathrobes – 3

This is part 3 of the biography of modern artist Jim Dine, continuation of part 2. Motifs in the Art of Jim Dine Jim Dine has been depicting everyday household objects and his personal possessions as far ranging as hearts, hammers & other hardware tools, painting tools such brushes, palettes and canvases, bathrobes (self-portraits), as […]

How Is A Bronze Sculpture Made?

I’m sure I can safely assume you’re not wondering how one carves or molds a sculpture. Although the carving and modeling methods require great skill, the techniques used are fairly simple- you basically use tools and your bare hands to “add” or “subtract” material until you get your desired product. Once you have carved away […]

The Life of Joan Miro

Often overshadowed by his peer and fellow countryman Picasso; Miró is undoubtedly one of the more influential artists of the 20th century. His adaptability to work in many mediums and his unique style place him at the vanguard of the modern art movement…

What to Look For in Monumental Sculpture

By Beau Smith Monumental sculpture is exceptionally large sculpture. It is called “monumental” because monuments are often large sculptures. But such sculptures are not just monuments. Any large public sculpture, or any large sculpture, for that matter, is monumental. What should you look for? It should be sturdy and long-lasting. It should have a powerful […]

Collecting Art Sculptures

The following is a great article for art collectors when considering the purchase of stone art sculptures. So if you have just fallen in love with that statue from Zimbabwe, read this first. Buying Stone Art If you’ve been considering getting an art purchase, you probably know there are numerous different types of artwork. I […]