The Purpose of Creativity – Playtime for the Soul

By Judith Waller Creativity is an essential part of being human. And your purpose in life is to understand and express the gifts that are uniquely yours. Creative play is one of the most nourishing ways you can do this for yourself. It doesn’t have to be about creating works of art — it’s a […]

Make Your Art Successful – Create A Story With Your Drawing And Painting

By Michael Dale When you draw a picture do you think about creating a story? Would you concern yourself about what your painting says? It doesn’t matter what art materials and tools you use to create your drawings and paintings, unless the picture you create has a history it can never be a success. Many […]

Art and Its Power to Transform

The artist Wassily Kandinsky writes in Concerning the Spiritual In Art that “the artist must search deeply into his own soul, develop and tend it, so that his art has something to clothe, and does not remain a glove without a hand…The artist must have something to say, for mastery over form is not his […]

The Art of Glass

Many groundbreaking discoveries came about by chance! In 1928, bacteriologist Alexander Fleming found a mould had contaminated one of his experiments. To his surprise, the mould turned out to be an antibacterial agent…and so, penicillin was born. Another remarkable creation is the multifaceted and challenging media of glass. By melting combinations of soda and sand, […]

Rhythm & Balance

By Domen Lombergar Balance is the perception of visual equilibrium, and relates to our physical sense of balance. It is an appeasement of opposing forces in a composition that results in visual stability. Most successful compositions attain balance in one of two ways: symmetrically or asymmetrically. Balance in a three dimensional object is simple to […]

Why don’t men ‘do’ scrapbooking?’

Why is it that nearly all scrapbook enthusiasts are women? It’s not as if we don’t like taking photographs, is it? If you’re on holiday and someone barges into you while they’re trying to line up a family shot, it’s not going to be Mum standing there apologetically! We also love collecting things, though that’s […]

Ansel Adams – Art from his Secret Closet – on Exhibit

The Museum of the Albemarle, Elizabeth City, NC, currently exhibits “Ansel Adams in the East: Cruising the Inland Waterway”. From The exhibit shows a series of tiny 5 inch square photo proofs by Ansel Adams that he never intended anyone to see. The small museum is not far from the inland waterway where Adams […]

For Self-promoting Artists: How to Write a Media Release

Did you know that publicity is supposedly seven times more effective than advertising? And it is free – that is if you do it yourself. If you know the elements of writing a good media release to capture the attention of journalists, you can cash in on no cost editorial coverage. Here’s a few tips […]

Learn how to Draw 101

I have a friend, who has a strong sense of design and home decoration. However, when you talk to her, she would be most adamant about NOT being creative. So, one day, I’ve given her an art class, i.e. for 1/2 an hour I made her to sit still and draw from memory the million […]

Books As Art 101

This article “Scrapbooking Ideas to Make a Wonderful Scrapbook” is a perfect start for Fine Art Book makers. Get over any ‘oh my goodness, it’s about craft not art’-feelings you may have as a fine art student, and read on to learn about mood boards. “Scrapbooking can be compared with a unique form of art. […]