Why don’t men ‘do’ scrapbooking?’

Why is it that nearly all scrapbook enthusiasts are women? It’s not as if we don’t like taking photographs, is it? If you’re on holiday and someone barges into you while they’re trying to line up a family shot, it’s not going to be Mum standing there apologetically! We also love collecting things, though that’s […]

Tips for Creating Beautiful Polymer Clay Beads

By Astrid Lee, http://www.eArtfair.com/blog – Copyright 2007 To create beautiful polymer clay beads for your fine art jewelry, there are a number of steps you should take to ensure that right from the beginning you’re able to make a rather professional, artistic product, in an economical way. Article from http://www.eArtfair.com/blog FIRST THE BASICS: TIPS FOR […]

For Self-promoting Artists: How to Write a Media Release

Did you know that publicity is supposedly seven times more effective than advertising? And it is free – that is if you do it yourself. If you know the elements of writing a good media release to capture the attention of journalists, you can cash in on no cost editorial coverage. Here’s a few tips […]

Books As Art 101

This article “Scrapbooking Ideas to Make a Wonderful Scrapbook” is a perfect start for Fine Art Book makers. Get over any ‘oh my goodness, it’s about craft not art’-feelings you may have as a fine art student, and read on to learn about mood boards. “Scrapbooking can be compared with a unique form of art. […]

Art Quilting Explained

Quilting is a popular craft, which made me decide to include it here. Author Linda Matthews just wrote this helpful article Art Quilting – What is it Exactly ? (2007). This informative article has a number of useful links for further research, as well as a general description of what this craft-fine art is all […]

Indian Block Printing

The article “Indian Block Printing: Three Main Techniques” that Author Rajneesh Dubey wrote in 2007 is a great resource for this fine art technique. “Block printing, as name suggests, is the use of wooden blocks in the process of dyeing and printing. In India, block printing has been in practice since 12th century. Even before […]

XMAS Art Shows — Tips for Selling Artists

Yesterday Belinda Stinson wrote an excellent article ‘7 Reasons Why Using Jewelry Display Stands Get You More Expo Trade Shows Sales’ , which I believe will really be of help to jewellers (and other artisans) who are planning to participate in the numerous upcoming XMAS art & craft gift shows. “The question of how to […]

A ‘How to’-article: Techniques for Creating an Art Book

The following example on how to create an artbook was found on a polymer clay fine craft supply website: Faux Jade Mini Book Of course, you can completely tailor the techniques to provide your own messages and do your own detailing. Having said that, this Asian Proverb book project offers a myriad of art techniques […]

A History Lesson in Glass Bead Jewelry

The article below is a short art history class for fine craft jewellers. A seemingly well-researched article on glass beads. “GLASS BEADS -The History and Making Of Beads are amongst the oldest human art and technology, dating back 30,000 years. They have been dated back to at least Roman times. Perhaps the earliest glass-like beads […]