Ansel Adams as Photography Teacher

The American artist Ansel Adams is one of the world’s best known landscape photographers. He was born in 1902 in San Franciso. He died just south of his place of birth, on the beautiful coast of Monterey, in 1984. He was the most celebrated American photographer of the twentieth century, whose photography spans over 60 […]

Georgia ‘O Keeffe

  Georgia ‘O Keeffe (1887-1986)   sample work Bella Donna, 1939; oil on canvas; private collection, loan to ‘O Keeffe museum   Representing the flower ‘Nobody sees a flower, really, it is so small. we haven’t time – and to see takes time like to have a friend takes time. if i could paint the […]

Angelica Kauffman ~ Historical Painter, ahead of her time

Angelica Kauffman was one of the most successful and internationally celebrated artists of the 18th century. Swiss/British, 1741-1807 Kauffman achieved extraordinary recognition for a female artist of her day, thanks to her talent and open-minded father who taught her painting… Angelica Kauffman was a child prodigy. it was her exceptional talent that encouraged her father, […]

Frida Kahlo

Celebrating Frida Kahlo’s 103st birthday, we thought to highlight her on the blog today. Art by Frida Kahlo is Art on Frida Kahlo     Articles Featuring Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo Auto-biographical Artwork A glimpse of the real life of Frida Kahlo (video) The life of Diego Velasquez         Art Books on […]

Modern Art of Jim Dine Goes Beyond Hearts and Bathrobes – 4

This concludes the four part biography of Jim Dine. Jim Dine as Artist Today To conclude this article, here is a video of his show in New York City December 2008-February 2009. This show was the first New York show in 4 years at Pace. Jim Dine’s work is shown around the world, however, he […]

Art News, Art Magazines & Other Art Publications

People always ask me what art magazines I read as an artist. So, I’ve put together a list of the better art rags out there. Some offer insights on outsider art, others on art making, others on fine craft. Find below some of the world’s leading, glossy fine-art magazines. Yes, they can be expensive to […]

Books As Art 101

This article “Scrapbooking Ideas to Make a Wonderful Scrapbook” is a perfect start for Fine Art Book makers. Get over any ‘oh my goodness, it’s about craft not art’-feelings you may have as a fine art student, and read on to learn about mood boards. “Scrapbooking can be compared with a unique form of art. […]

A ‘How to’-article: Techniques for Creating an Art Book

The following example on how to create an artbook was found on a polymer clay fine craft supply website: Faux Jade Mini Book Of course, you can completely tailor the techniques to provide your own messages and do your own detailing. Having said that, this Asian Proverb book project offers a myriad of art techniques […]

Book As Art 101: Page Layout

This article “Scrapbooking Page Layout Ideas and Suggestions” written by a scrapbook art instructor discusses page layout ideas and is a good complement to the Book As Art article on this website on ‘mood boards’. “Scrapbooking is one of those things that keep our memories alive and brings smiles to people’s faces for years to […]

Book Review ‘Discovering Art: A User’s Guide to the World of Collecting’

I started this article just introducing you to this little paperback book that I own, called ‘Discovering Art: A User’s Guide to the World of Collecting. Jeanne Frank wrote it in 1997 and you can probably pick up a second hand copy somewhere for $5 or so, because it is a bit older. However, like […]