Graffiti Sketches, Tags, Pieces & Labels explained

Neil Campbell Graffiti sketches is where most newcomers begin but really you should start by asking yourself – graffiti – what does it really mean to you? Most people see it as something that emerged only in modern society, scribbled by urban youth on railway bridges. However, its use can be traced back to ancient […]

Learn Graffiti – its the new cool!

It is only recently that graffiti and the street art scene have been viewed as something more than just an underground artistic movement. The image of the lone writer has been transformed from a deviant character to someone who should be showcased and promoted for his or her talents. With the emergence of street art […]

Banksy: Graffiti Vandal or Artist

“Banksy’ is a Bristol born graffiti artist who became famous (some would say “infamous’) for his satirical stencilling in the early nineties. Article from Although he has become one of the most eminent and collectable artists working today, he remains all but anonymous; almost no details about his life, including his name, are publically […]