World’s Oldest Cave Painting in Spain

We, and those before us, have been making art longer than previously known. By about 15,000 years…. Recent tests made scientists conclude that the ‘Panel of Hands’ in a cave in El Castillo, Spain, is older than 40,800 years. This is more than 15,000 years older than was previously thought. With this finding, these ancient […]

Eve Leader, Canadian Artist Extraordinaire

Represented (currently) by Granville Fine Art gallery, Contemporary artist Eve Leader has stood her ground on the Canadian passage of change toward truly innovative art.  Canadian art has been so long synonym with either Aboriginal Art or

Georgia ‘O Keeffe

  Georgia ‘O Keeffe (1887-1986)   sample work Bella Donna, 1939; oil on canvas; private collection, loan to ‘O Keeffe museum   Representing the flower ‘Nobody sees a flower, really, it is so small. we haven’t time – and to see takes time like to have a friend takes time. if i could paint the […]

American Vanguards Graham, Davis, Gorky and De Kooning

Graham, Davis, Gorky, De Kooning and their circle, 1927–1942. Sometimes the best shows are not on Manhattan, but not too far away. Like this show in the Neuberger Museum of Art in Purchase NY that’s on now. There are more than sixty works of art from America’s most inventive artists between late 1920s and early […]

Call for Artists Applications: MFA Trans Art Institute, Berlin – New York

  Transat Institute offers the MFA Creative Practice, an international masters program for working artists with summer residencies in Berlin, winter residencies in New York and one-on-one advisement during two academic years – wherever students work and live.   The new MFA Creative Practice is a student-centered postgraduate art program which fosters independent thinking, risk-taking […]

Contemporary Art Conference on 21st Century Sculpture Accepting Panel Proposals

  LAST CALL FOR PANEL PROPOSALS:    The International Sculpture Center is currently accepting panel proposals for it’s 22nd International Sculpture Conference which will be held in London, UK, April 7-9, 2010, whose topic is What is Sculpture in the 21st Century? This conference will explore and consider the potential of sculpture in the 21st century […]

Sculpture Objects & Functional Art Fair in April: Sweet Spot in New York to Visit

The 12th edition of the Sculpture Objects & Functional Art Fair (SOFA) in New York City is poised to present a great range of arts and design of value in today’s international markets. The show is scheduled for April 16-19, 2009 with an Opening Preview Gala on Wednesday, April 15 at the historic Park Avenue […]

Koons in Versailles 2008

Both enthralled and appalled by the Jeff Koons exhibition in Versailles, one of the world’s most refined palaces today, I needed a long but leisurely stroll in the extended gardens of this glorious monument of art and artifacts of French style of the highest quality caliber, to allow me to reflect on it all. Self-confessed, […]

Pamela Z’s Pendulum

Pamela Z will perform her new work The Pendulum – a song cycle/performance work exploring binaries of “Yes and No” through voice, electronics, projected video and manipulation of objects at the Royce Gallery in San Francisco in California from 27-29 of June, 2008. The Pendulum is a solo multi-media performance work exploring binaries of “Yes […]

Art Basel: What the International Art Fair will be like – Video

Debating to get a last minute ticket to Art Basel 39? Review a video of Art Basel 38, get a glimpse of the art and the happenings, and then decide. ART 39 BASEL CATALOG ART 38 BASEL CATALOG