Chicago Gallery Owner About Collecting Art

Chicago gallery owner and art dealer Dan Addington talks openly about the value of collecting original art.
He’s answering key questions towards the end of the first video and into the second video.

It starts out with: “how do you determine if a work is good work of art from an artist who is going places, or whether an artwork is just promoted today, but is likely to be gone tomorrow?”

1. If any dealer try to tell you how great an investment is, don’t trust it.
2. Instead, acquire art only when it touches with you, like a piece of music works.
3. a good work of art grows with you as you grow as a person.
4. if the artwork you buy goes up in value, and you love it very much, then you are not going to want to sell it.
5. furthermore, look at the biographical info to assess if the artist is in it for the long haul.
6. check out the gallery over time to see what they are showing over time.

He continues his insights in the second video:

The talk was held an exhibition at the Beverly Arts Center in the hip groovy atsy area of Chicago, January 25th 2008.

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