Crucial Role of Original Artwork in Interior Design

Art can create so many different moods. It’s a tool for creating the ‘set’ of your home. I always try to use original art in my design work. It has a fresh, authentic energy that brings the level of the interior design upward and forward.

Sometimes I start with a piece of artwork; other times I complete a job and I’ve already done the color work, but the artwork can add a focal point, like a spark that helps pull the fabrics and finishes together.

I try and help my clients broaden and add depth to their art collections. I think the collection is more interesting if it’s a little varied and if it’s sophisticated. It’s good to be able to expose clients to more, to give them an opportunity to live with pieces that they may not have initially looked at twice. With a little coaching and education, I can help them realize the value of opening up their minds.

artwork crucial in interior design

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Susan Jackson, Interior Designer

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