Book Review ‘Discovering Art: A User’s Guide to the World of Collecting’

I started this article just introducing you to this little paperback book that I own, called
‘Discovering Art: A User’s Guide to the World of Collecting.
Jeanne Frank wrote it in 1997 and you can probably pick up a second hand copy somewhere for $5 or so, because it is a bit older.

However, like the 2 amazon book reviewers, I truly like it. It is one of those little books that helps you get your bearings when starting to operate in a new field.

What Others Say
Customer reviews: 5/5 star
‘ What a helpful book. Ms. Frank’s primary message is “don’t let the so-called experts intimidate you.” In simple, down-to-earth prose she makes even neophytes feel as if their opinion and taste matter. Her book is chock full of stories and pearls of wisdom distilled from a lifetime of enjoying art. She explains terms, demystifies art criticism and tells charming tales from her career as an art buyer, dealer and collector.’

‘This book is beautifully written yet easy to understand, even for the novice. It is better than an Art History course at a University. The author clearly explains the origins and characteristics of Impressionalism through Abstract Art. The book is informative while being a pleasant reading experience. Don’t fail to read it!!’

Others Great Books On Collecting Art
So, beyond getting this book, there are a couple of other good books on contemporary fine art collecting that are worth acquiring. Take a peek: some specialize in contemporary art, others give a clear overview of different art genres, others again show you the steps to take in building a collection and what pitfalls to avoid along the way. Let me know which has become your favorite.

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