Factory Girl – Andy Warhol (movie clip)

** This webpage has been updated. sorry this video has been removed by youtube. **

This biographical video clip highlights the relationship of Andy Warhol with socialite Edie Sedgwick. She was an American actress, socialite, model, and heiress who starred in several of Andy Warhol’s short films in the ’60s.

Sedgwick met Andy Warhol in March 1965 and subsequently, she started visiting The Factory regularly. During one of those visits, Warhol was filming Vinyl, his interpretation of the novel A Clockwork Orange.

Despite the movie’s all-male cast, Warhol put Sedgwick in the movie. She also made a small cameo appearance in another Warhol film, Horse.

Although Sedgwick’s appearances in both films were brief, they generated so much interest that Warhol decided to create a vehicle in which she would star. The result was ‘Poor Little Rich Girl’.

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Edie Sedgwick, 1966
Andy Warhol

Although usually Warhol’s films were not a commercial success and were rarely seen outside The Factory, Sedgwick’s popularity grew mainstream.

Warhol called her his “Superstar” and she was good for publicity. They were often photographed together. Sedgwick cut & colored her hair into short ‘n’ silver, creating a similar look to wigged Warhol. She was often photographed with Warhol.


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