Five Easy Ways to Market Your Craft Business Through Donations

Are you an experienced craftsperson who is looking to increase your public presence? Consider donating some of your crafts to a local nonprofit agency or local charity. Not only will this allow you to network and make important contacts, you’ll also be making a difference where it really counts and strengthening your bonds to the community. Here are five easy ways to get involved:

1. Find a cause you have a passion for. Simply stated, passion cannot be faked. You must choose a nonprofit charity that you really care about, and for which you would be willing to work for with no thought of compensation. Perhaps you’ve always been touched by hospital-bound children stricken by illness. You happen to specialize in creating charming, old-fashioned rag dolls. Why not donate some of your best work to spread a bit of joy?

In this scenario, you would want to seek out a nonprofit organization or charity that works with young hospital patients. Speak to the outreach director or volunteer coordinator of the agency you’re interested in. Tell them the ways you would like to help, and listen to their suggestions. They should be able to tell you about their current situation and needs. Hopefully, there will be a match, and you can begin to work together. Whatever you do, you should always check with the nonprofit agency before you simply start donating your crafts.

2. Offer to spearhead a charity event. If you specialize in kid’s craft parties, offer to hold a craft party for a local nonprofit agency. Be aware that this sort of undertaking will demand a lot of your time and energy. You may work with the nonprofit agency to coordinate the event.

Strive to make this collaboration as smooth and pleasant as possible. Remember that the event you organize will be a show of your leadership and organization skills. You’ll want to make a good impression as you connect with potential clients, and re-connect with previous customers. Most importantly, remember that the true goal of the event is to make a small difference in the lives of others.

3. Organize a charity crafts fair. Another way increase your public presence by donating your crafts is by organizing a charity craft fair. Consider setting up the crafts fair in conjunction with the nonprofit agency of your choice. Or you can hold the crafts fair on your own, and then donate the proceeds to a local charity.

Start by recruiting other experienced craftspeople for the fair. Advertise the event widely. Consider contacting your local media to raise awareness about the fair. Ask your local newspapers or television station to help advertise the event. The more exposure the crafts fair gets the more proceeds you’ll be able to donate. And, your crafts and the work of your fellow craftspeople will gain much deserved exposure.

4. Hold a charity craft auction as part of a larger event. If the idea of organizing an entire crafts fair sounds a bit overwhelming to you, then consider holding a charity craft auction as part of a larger event. Find a group of interested and experienced craftspeople and put together a catalog of sale items, with all proceeds going to the nonprofit agency of your choice. You and your fellow craftspeople should donate some of your best work to ensure a successful auction.

If your crafts sell well at the charity auction, you can expect your reputation as a craftsperson to grow. Selling your work in this type of atmosphere demonstrates that your work has value, and that it can make a difference in the life of someone who needs a change.

5. Donate your crafts for use. If you create crafts that can be put to good use by individuals less fortunate than you, by all means work with the appropriate nonprofit agency to donate your work. For instance, nonprofit groups such as Wrap Them in Love and Knit for Kids provide needy individuals with warm quilts and much-needed sweaters.

If you specialize in such crafts, donating your work is a wonderful way to make a big difference in the life of someone who needs help. You’ll gain experience in working with nonprofit agencies, make valuable contacts, gain resume experience, and gain confidence in your work.

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By Bill Weaver.

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