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Celebrating Frida Kahlo’s 103st birthday, we thought to highlight her on the blog today.

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Art Books on Frida Kahlo

To celebrate her, may we suggest some excellent biographical and coffee-table art books on Frida Kahlo:


frida kahlo diary
The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self-Portrait
by Frida Kahlo

Her bizarre life, filled with more theatre and characters than a Fellini film, more physical and mental agony than most humans can endure is one that deserves her own thoughts, although at times they are convoluted. Whether she was under the influence(doped to mask pain) is irrelevant: spellbinding text +  illustrations that captivate the imagination, take readers on a surrealistic journey as only Frida can.

This grotesquely beautiful book, rich in imagery, literally + illustrated in the unique style of Frida Kahlo, reflects the pain and suffering she lived, both self-inflicted and through fate.

 self portrait in velvet dress frida kahlo wardrobe

Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress: The Fashion of Frida Kahlo
, by Carlos Phillips Olmedo, Denise Rosenzweig, Magdalena Rosenzweig, and Teresa del Conde

frida kahlo book
Frida Kahlo 1907-1954: Pain and Passion
by Andrea Kettenmann

frida kahlo biography by herrera
Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo

by Hayden Herrera

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