Frida Kahlo’s Auto-biographical Artwork

As a classic auto-biographical artist, Frida painted her reality.

She claimed to be born on 1910 , the year of the outbreak of the Mexican revolution, because she wanted her life to begin together with the modern Mexico. “after her death at the age of forty-seven in 1954, the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo became first a legend, then a myth, and now a cult figure.” thus was Frida Kahlo described by her biographer Hayden Herrera in 1992.

Born from European and Mexican parents in 1907, Frida Kahlo’s looks are triking: long dark hair, distinctive bird-wing brows, black eyes. Kahlo was in a bus accident at age of 18 whereby she seriously injured her spine, resulting in lengthy hospital stays, many operations, and, ultimately, her death. during this time, in an attempt to healing, Kahlo began to paint.


Most of Kahlo’s works depict her personal saga: her accident, her marriage with muralist Diego Rivera, feminism, and her political involvement (communist and Mexican revolution). she depicts strong nationalist and folk art influences.

Kahlo was already a much celebrated artist in her time, when she moved on to the beyond in 1954.

Kahlo’s Husband: Diego Riviera

The style of work by Kahlo’s partner was totally different to her own. Both have become famous artists in their own right.

Diego Riviera
El Vendedor de Alcatraces
by Diego Rivera

Learn More About Frida Kahlo

While a new book, it has already received excellent reviews. Art historian Hayden Herrera has written several books on Frida, portraying a woman of strength, talent, humor, and endurance.


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