Gen Art Vanguard New Contemporary Art Fair

The Gen Art Vanguard ‘New Contemporary’ Artfair, coinciding with Art Basel Miami, will be the scene for some interesting art happenings.


We’ll see if it’s art or if it’s art tomorrow, when FAGE Total Greek yogurt will unveil three one-of-a-kind FAGE-inspired contemporary art works at the First Annual “Gen Art Vanguard New Contemporary Art Fair” in Miami. The works will be on show during the fair which will be held from December 4 till December 7, 2008.

The artworks, inspired by the brand’s unique production, creamy taste and ridiculously thick texture, were created by contemporary artists exhibiting at the Vanguard Art Fair: James Marshall (Dalek), Gary Baseman and AJ Fosik. As part of this collaboration, the artists will take part in “FAGE Studio — Discover. Taste. Create.” a series of art sessions with children from Arts for Learning, a local non-profit organization. In support of the organization, both James Marshall (Dalek) and Gary Baseman’s art pieces will be auctioned off to enrich lives and further education of the arts.

“Each artist was able to work with different FAGE Total brand attributes including production, taste, and texture to create a unique piece of pop art inspired by the product,” said Franceso LoCastro, the Fair’s director and curator. The three artists are:

  1. James Marshall (Dalek) is a North Carolina-based artist, whose work revels in a profusion and hyper-abundance of color and planes of space.

    “FAGE Factory” was sparked from the idea of creating a world…a place otherworldly where yogurt is made. The image is meant to be fun, a world to get lost in, where the viewer will engage and create their own story. It conveys the fluidity, richness, creaminess of the yogurt while referencing aspects of the ancient Greek culture from which it stems.

  2. Gary Baseman, one of the leaders of the Los Angeles underground art movement, Mr. Baseman blurs the line between toy culture and fine art with his strong iconic images, both playful and dark, childlike and adult, surreal, driven and thought-provoking.

    “Magi of Creamy Goodness” was inspired by the flavors and textures of the product and the imagery represents the creamy goodness and notions of sticky sweet innocence of childhood.

  3. AJ Fosik is a Philadelphia based sculptor who creates animal abstractions by drawing inspiration from his background of creating street art and signage.

    “All Flesh is Grass” features a bear whose sculpture base (center) reflects the appearance of the product/yogurt in color, as well as creating the paws to look as if they’re dunked in the creamy substance or, in the case of the raised paw, have just been lifted out of the yogurt. The bear is multi-colored — red, blue and white — to reflect brand imagery.


New Contemporary Art Auction

Starting on December 4th, two of the exclusive FAGE Total Artistry pieces will be put up for auction with 100 percent of the proceeds going to Arts for Learning, a local non-profit organization dedicated to enriching young lives through the promotion of the arts and education as continued support for creative expression.

Both James Marshall (Dalek) and Gary Baseman’s FAGE Total Artistry pieces will be available to the public for auction online at If not already an eBay user, please register at

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