How to Collect Affordable Art: online

Collecting art does not have to cost a fortune. Below is an article that again shows that the Internet can be a great resource in putting your art collection together.

Art Can Be Affordable Particularly On The Web

Art is a very personal thing. One person likes landscapes, others like portraits, others have different styles- Impressionism, Realism, Pointillism and they are all meaningful in their own ways to different people – or even the same person depending upon where they are in the timeline of their life.

It’s always interesting- no matter the artist- how and what they create. How they “pull it out of themselves- what they see as being worthy to create. For some it’s still life images, of other’s, it’s a sunset, still others, it could be total abstractions a la Jackson Pollack.

There lies the question- can we afford art? Can we not afford to have art within our lives as it helps bring out the emotional aspects and feelings of creation that we see in the objects of our creative vision? No longer do you need to trek to San Francisco, New York, New England, Paris, and the south of France, Los Angeles or Carmel to find great artists. Simply do what you are doing right now, surf the web.

Recently reading an article from USA Weekend, Kathleen Conroy discusses various ways to find and buy original art work from real working artists, for art that could be the size of a postcard or a 14 x 18 print. While shipping can be expensive, it also depends on what you find. Conroy lists 3 painters that she discovered online.

Painting a Day Project is about impressionism of the American view. This artist is currently on hiatus, seeking rejuvenation for another found of paintings and her work is surprising affordable.

Hudson Valley Painter suggests you noodle around the site and check out his work on the Hudson Valley in NY.

Daily Life Painting earned a mention in the article for unique painting of ordinary objects. This one definitely caught my eye just to see the symmetry and symbolism of the common objects around us. The delicacy of some images is almost fragile and others show a lot of strength.

Elise Tomlinson isn’t featured but she is an artist from Alaska with dealing in bright bold colors of women in the outdoors- most likely depicting the boldness of life in Alaska.

Finding artists online, you have contact with artists in a more intimate (albeit distant) setting. Chad from Art Attacks and Strokes deals in blown glass art. However if you are into paintings you can find so much on the web.

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