How We Live with Art – Banksy video

This is an interesting video of how people interact with a work of art. It shows the mix of appreciation of the art itself aestetically, of its whimsy and fun, of its serious message and and a ‘trying it on for size’ – identification with the art.


This fine art video shows graffiti artist Banksy’s latest street work on the Essex and its people:

Banksy Books

A little book review
Wall and Piece: this book is great ~ page after page after page of stencils and stories. A how to stencil book that makes you think. Highly recommended.
Banging your head against a brick wall: pocket-sized. The art speaks for itself, and it will change your mind. Commentary included.
Existencilism: unmatched collection of brilliant works. Shows Banksy’s sense of rebellion and genius.
Banksy locations: at first only in London, you now have to travel around the world to find them all. A new updated version.
Cut It Out: a third pocket-sized book in color, showing Banksy’s works, including museum pieces.

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