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How We Live with Art – Banksy video

This is an interesting video of how people interact with a work of art. It shows the mix of appreciation of the art itself aestetically, of its whimsy and fun, of its serious message and and a ‘trying it on for size’ – identification with the art. Banksy This fine art video shows graffiti artist […]

Meet Banksy – video

Bristol graffiti artist Banksy to me is an interesting artist of our time: with heart & humor, fast and efficient, and largely anonymous. Here is an absolutely excellent informative video on Banksy with something as close to an interview with this graffiti artist as you’ll ever get. Wanna know who Banksy is, how is thinks, […]

Banksy: Graffiti Vandal or Artist

“Banksy’ is a Bristol born graffiti artist who became famous (some would say “infamous’) for his satirical stencilling in the early nineties. Article from Although he has become one of the most eminent and collectable artists working today, he remains all but anonymous; almost no details about his life, including his name, are publically […]

Andy Warhol’s Fine Christmas Pop Art

When people think of famous contemporary artists that comment on Christmas, they always think of musicians. However, there are some great contemporary famous artists who made Christmas-related art. I confess that I discovered by accident that pop artist Andy Warhol made a collection of Christmas artworks, depicting a Christmas sled with presents, Christmas Wreaths, a […]

Art Basel Miami 2008: Good Reason to Go to the Beach

Reasons to Go South Looking for somewhere warm and artsy to go to this week? Book a last minute flight to Art Basel Miami Beach. It will place on December 4 – 7 this year, and is self-acclaimed the most important art show in the United States. The show will be a vital source for […]

No Name For Art – # 1

Welcome to the March 31, 2008 premiere edition of the fine art blog carnival ‘No Name For Art‘. It is our objective to showcase the best current blog articles on fine art that would be of use and interest to collectors of fine art. We’ll work with our submissions, reviewing what comes up. The submissions […]

No Name For Art – Blog Carnival

OK. I’m doing it: filling the art gap… So, here it is: the ART BLOG CARNIVAL #1. Theme Fine Art. Content Articles that collectors need. Schedule March 31 (first edition). Interval Every 6-8 weeks. Questions? Drop me an email, or a comment below. Best: submit really good articles on fine art and chances are: I’ll […]

Graffiti Sketches, Tags, Pieces & Labels explained

Neil Campbell Graffiti sketches is where most newcomers begin but really you should start by asking yourself – graffiti – what does it really mean to you? Most people see it as something that emerged only in modern society, scribbled by urban youth on railway bridges. However, its use can be traced back to ancient […]

Learn Graffiti – its the new cool!

It is only recently that graffiti and the street art scene have been viewed as something more than just an underground artistic movement. The image of the lone writer has been transformed from a deviant character to someone who should be showcased and promoted for his or her talents. With the emergence of street art […]