Los Angeles Art Show Joined by Annual Los Angeles Fine Print Fair

The Art World Comes to Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Art Show, one of the most prestigious expositions in America, is proud to present the 13th annual exhibition showcasing a myriad of fine art from the 17th century to the present. In addition, this year the Los Angeles Art Show will be joined by the IFPDA’s 23rd Annual Los Angeles Fine Print Fair.

Over 125 distinguished international and US galleries will come together to showcase the finest examples of works in the year’s most anticipated art show. In addition, the show features works five local participating Californian museums: Autry National Center, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Museum of Latin American Art, the Museum of Ventura County and the Riverside Art Museum.

Collectively, more than 10,000 significant paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings, and prints will be available for purchase and will be vetted for provenance and authenticity through the event’s organizer, the Fine Art Dealers Association. The show’s reputation is based upon a continued commitment to present only the best and the highest quality of work. The strength and variety of the show’s scope reflects a carefully selected group of galleries with all works vetted for authenticity by authorities in the fields of art.

The L.A. Art Show is said to be one of America’s most prestigious art expositions with a striking range of artwork. Works will span cutting-edge contemporary to works from some of history’s finest artists.

In addition to the opening gala and daily shows, the upcoming L.A. Art show will feature its much-lauded lecture series with celebrated art experts. 2008’s lineup includes the following:
• Jori Finkel, art critic and editor, returning with Art Collectors’ Boot Camp
• Peter Fetterman, photographer and dealer, presenting
Collecting Fine Art Photography
• Gabriel P. Weisberg, Professor of Art History at the University of Montana, presenting New Realism or Old Realism: Traditional Realism Returns
• David Pagel, Associate Professor of Art History and Chair of the Art Department at Claremont Graduate University, leading a panel discussion of Surreptitiously Yours:
Art Politics and Do it Yourself Anger Management
• George Melrod, Founding Director of art ltd. Magazine and contributing editor,
leading a panel discussion of Los Angeles: What Kind of Art Capital?
• Ed Killian, winemaker, presenting a wine tasting with Architectural Digest
and Souverain Wines.

Whether you are a novice collector, an art appreciator, or a seasoned connoisseur, the Los Angeles Art Show is an inspirational event, not be missed.

Opening Night Gala & Preview: Wednesday January 23
Show: Thursday, January 24- Sunday, January 27

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