Modern Art of Jim Dine Goes Beyond Hearts and Bathrobes – 4

This concludes the four part biography of Jim Dine.

Jim Dine as Artist Today

To conclude this article, here is a video of his show in New York City December 2008-February 2009.

This show was the first New York show in 4 years at Pace. Jim Dine’s work is shown around the world, however, he has been working with Pace gallery since 1976 to represent him.

The show is called ‘Hot Dreams: 52 books’, an installation celebrating the publication of Dines Jim 52 books. For a whole year, Jim Dine made one book each week.

With examples of images that have proliferated over the last half decade, this installation is a mélange of various media and displays the ephemera of the materials that were created for the books. As a bonus, the video features an interview with Jim Dine.

Show Book – Jim Dine Hot Dream

You can sign up for this EXCLUSIVE BOOK SERIES, Jim Dine: Hot Dream, which was officially published October 2008, but which is still waiting for us mere mortals outside of New York City at time of this writing.

The concept:

In 2005, the influential American artist Jim Dine had the idea to make a book a week for one year. Two years later, using collage, painting, drawing and correction as his methods, coupled with his own writing and untouched photographs, he redefined everything–his life and his art–in the 53 volumes gathered in this custom-cut wooden beam “boxed” limited edition.

These books are documents of an artistic consciousness, of an intense biography, of personal likes and dislikes, of formal richness and of exploding craftsmanship. The unrestrained product of an exceptional imagination, they invent the context for a new melody for the art of Jim Dine, a space for all the major byways of this seemingly inexhaustible creativity which so ably combines dream and reality.

Included among the 52 volumes are 10 audio CDs that contain numerous poems, an autobiography, a remembrance of Robert Creeley and a performance by the artist of a song he wrote some 40 years ago.

REPLACE SPEX: Boxed in a wooden beam, 52 Cloth Hbk Volumes, 6.75 x 9.25 in. / tritone throughout / 10 Audio CDs. Limited Edition of 500.

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