Moscow World Fine Art Fair’s Art valued at $1.6b

6,000 artwork and 60 galleries – strong, the Moscow World Fine Art Fair is in full swing. It started May 28 and will go on till June 2. There are fine art works by famous European artists like Marc Chagall, Leger, Magritte, Picasso, Renoir, Egon Schiele, Nikki the Ste Phalle, and of worthwhile Russian artists such as Stephan Kolesnikov (1879-1955). The total value of the works in the show is said to be around $1.6 billion.

Now a Forum in Eastern European for Fine Art of the World

The Fair is in its fifth year, and has grown into one of the biggest art world meeting places in Eastern Europe. It attracts dealers and art collectors from Russia and around the world. Well-known represented art galleries, art dealers and art auction houses include Jane Kahan Gallery (NYC), Steinitz (Paris), Hotel Drouot (Paris), Sotheby, Tri Veka and others.

Nearly 30 dealers specialize in 20th- century and contemporary art, while others offer Old Master paintings, 18th-century furniture, silver, porcelain, sculpture, and Asian art. The fair is known for its exquisite jewelry, and another 500 million euros of jewelry is also on sale by 18 vendors, such as Harry Winston, Moussaieff, and Bulgari.

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Why Moscow’s Art Scene is Mushrooming

With a history and culture honoring the finest of art, it is completely understandable that the Nouveau Riche of Moscow are eager to acquire luxury items and are fashionably becoming fine art collectors. Moscow has a growing number of millionaires (plus quite a few billionaires), who collectively have in the last few years become a strong force into the Western art buying market. The Russian economy has grown annually for the past 12 years, partially driven by oil and gas exports. This economic growth has realized a new emergence of wealthy Russians. It is said that the new Russian elite is interested in top-end European art for decoration and status before investment purpose.

The Moscow World Fine Art Fair is organized by Geneva-based Art Culture Studio.

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