no name for ART #2

This #2 edition of the no name for ART CARNIVAL is flavored with fine art photography ~ which I ** LOVE **. I hope you enjoy the interesting articles on photography also.

Art Review


eArtfair features the work byfine art photographer Barbara Kruger with her feminist and social commentary artwork. Barbara Kruger juxtaposes mass media photographs with biting slogans. Her art both questions and condemns mass media’s ways of control self-identity, desire, and public opinion. This article features a video showcase of her artwork, as well as offering a review.

Art Collecting

Art patron William Bowmore, who gifted $17+ million to museums,” has recently passed away. William Bowmore was a life-long art patron and one of Australia’s most generous philanthropists. Get to know your (fellow) art patrons and read the article here.

Artwork – Photography

Deb Serani presents Crying Men posted at Dr. Deb , saying, “This post features the photography by UK artist Sam Taylor-Wood of famous actors crying.” This is actually a good, interesting post on contemporary fine art. Thank you Deb for your contribution!

Kurt Hohberger presents Photo Feature: Tristan Thiel posted at 2008. Tristan Thiel is a photographer and rider from Minnesota who is not only super nice and very talented, but just an all around interesting guy. The article showcases his photographic artwork.

Artwork – Painting

Albert Decker presents “Riffing” Off Movies, posted at Resonant-Enigma, and reveals how art inspires art. Albert shows how movies inspire his abstract work.

Art Education

Dwayne Tucker presents an excellent technical photography post ‘How To Take A Photograph Of A Traffic Light.’ posted at, saying, “I hope you readers utilize my tips on this article I wrote from a photography taken by a member of my I Love Photography groups. I use the photo to teach you how to take a photograph of a traffic light.”

Galleries & Museums

Lokendra Rathore presents ‘Jajpur gets a new art gallery‘. The gallery, Artchill, focuses on Modern & Contemporary Art, featuring the works of 225 emerging and established artists.


P.L. Frederick presents Small & Big: 15 Things I Learned At Art School posted at Small and Big, saying, “Humorous truths.”

Amy Dyck presents No, MY art is REAL art! posted at Because I must…. This article is an artist’s contemplation of what Real Art actually is. Join her internal conversation.

SeaBird from the Seabird Chronicles showcases Artist Trading Cards.

That concludes this edition.

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