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As a very frequent gallery & museum-goer myself, I am often intrigued how popular (or unpopular) certain fine art exhibits are. The article “Art for Art’s Sake (it’s All About Paris)” by Vasilisa (03-10-2007) gives a glimpse into what’s going on in the art world in Paris today. She particularly highlights the happenings in one of the prime galleries in town.

“Let the numbers speak for themselves. In 1996 about 90,000 people visited Parisian galleries and antique trades. More than 13 million were recorded in museums.

Paris is the capital of France and art as well. Who dares to doubt it? There’s a great number of galleries: from the most traditional up to the modern ones which are in a constant search of new forms of work.

For instance, La Galerie Pascal Vanhoeke which introduced a curious system: you can borrow any exhibit paying just 3,8 % of its worth. And so for each item you take. In 28 months you can buy any picture or a sculpture of the modern author for the price you have paid during this time. Until you make up your mind you can keep it as long as you wish.

During the opening days, which take place every month, you can meet with the artists and professionals of the art world. A nice talk to the accompaniment of champagne or wine is a good way of spending your evening.

The International Exhibition Of Modern Painting is another must for a person who is interested in modern art. This is one of the key world exhibitions, hosting more than 150 galleries from all over the world every year. A wide range of works is displayed here: from Alechinsky to Picasso. A honourable country-guest is elected every year. The best way to keep up with the modern world of art is to visit this exhibition.

For antique-lovers there’s nothing like antique shops, which are in abundance represented in Paris. Antique furniture, jewelry, crockery, canvases…anything you like. Antiquarians are real treasure hunters. In search of a rare thing they don’t spare time and effort, exploring collection after collection, address after address. A long period of study, affiliation and restoration follows. Only after that can the antiquarian item appear in the shop. So buying the picture in such a shop one can be sure he purchases the original.

Besides don’t miss a chance to visit the auctions where one can buy rare things. The majority of them are situated in Le Louvre des Antiquaires (the antiquarian louver).

Paris is a real treat for the true connoisseurs of art. There’s only one problem: the choice is so great that one can’t help buying more and more! ”

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