Peter Max’s Art – Video

This video post is the first sequel to my earlier foundation article on artist Peter Max.

As you can read in that prior article and as it touched upon again today in this article here, in Peter Max’s 30-year-career as an artist, he has painted for high-profile events and a variety of media outlets—using distinct bold colors to create a psychedelic experience.

In this video, Interviewer Patrick Murphy happily features the art, achievements and the philosophy of his favorite artist, Peter Max ~ all for his show ‘Living St. Louis’, KETC, Channel 9.

In the interview, Peter Max offers tips for young artists, in particularly explaining the role of the media in the current developments of art. The video also showcases lots of Peter Max’s art plus artistic commercial undertakings he has made. Last, it discusses what Peter Max stands for in the world of art and many aspects of his style and development as an artist are touched up.

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