Pop Art by Robert Rauschenberg Celebrates Earth Day

As an artist and as a citizen, Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008) was deeply concerned with how his art could help change the world for the better.

During his lifetime, his artwork addressed issues of environmentalism, war, racial equality, nuclear disarmament, apartheid, economic development, and artists’ rights – an array of big-picture social and political themes that are challenging for artists (or anyone else) to tackle.

Rauschenberg was up to this challenge, and this strong and unique global consciousness and ethics set him apart from other artists in the Pop Art movement.

Robert Rauschenberg celebration of Earth Day

To celebrate the very first Earth Day in 1970, Robert Rauschenberg created the collage ‘Earth Day’ based on which this original lithograph “Earth Day” is created. April 22, 1970 was the day that approximately 25 million Americans joined forces across the nation to insist on a cleaner, healthier planet. It was a day of culmination of the forces of the ’60s.

This powerful promotional artwork by Robert Rauschenberg was the first of its kind, to popularize and celebrate the observance of Earth Day.

The Eagle as torch-carrier in the Artwork

The centerpiece of the collage, the American Bald Eagle, is perfectly chosen! Of course, as a symbol, it reflects America’s self image as strong and powerful. Yet, at the time the artwork was made, the American bald eagle was endangered with extinction due to pesticides!! A threat of destruction of the nation’s reflection of itself!

In addition, and perhaps more importantly Native Americans know the American Bald Eagle to be a bird of illumination of Spirit, Healing and Creation. To Native Americans the Bald Eagle have come to symbolize heroic nobility & Divine Spirit. It is one of the most admired birds of prey. Its ability to soar high in the sky is awe-inspiring. Meanwhile, it is good at feeding itself from the land.

To align oneself with the symbol of the eagle, we must take responsibility and the power of becoming so much more than we now appear to be. When an eagle flies into our lives, opportunities arise. We must learn to see these opportunities and use them well.

The eagle is also seen as a messenger from heaven, and are the embodiment of the spirit of the sun. Its feathers are used in powerful healing ceremonies & cleansing the aura. Associated with the eagle are far reaching visions.

Signed Original Limited-Edition Lithograph for Sale

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“Earth Day”| Robert Rauschenberg
Limited Edition | 1970 | 64 x 86 cm
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The limited edition print is hand signed and measures 33.5 x 25 .25 inches. This item has been stored flat and is in near mint condition with very light signs of handling.

Timeless Art, Filled with Meaning, Affordable

This lithograph is priced at only about $2,800 – this is a really, really low when compared to art market sources.

About Rober Rauschenberg – Artistically

Robert Rauschenberg (1925 – 2008) was a groundbreaking Pop Artist whose visionary work profoundly revolutionized the course of American and European art. From Texas, Rauschenberg had a voracious appetite for limitless experimentation with new techniques and unique materials, which broke all artistic boundaries.

Embracing the arts of silk screening, digital imagery and set design, his most acclaimed creations were “combines,” giant three-dimensional works that paired paint with objects he found on the street, such as scraps of clothing, tires, furniture and cardboard. Rauschenberg’s work re-established the beauty of cast-off items, and solidified him as a pivotal figure in the Pop Art movement.

We all live from day to day. We move from moment to moment, mood to mood, making decisions that control our acts, insisting and recognizing that facts are changing like the light we are seeing them in and as our motivation to look. – Robert Rauschenberg

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