Art Basel Miami Beach 2010, Public Works

Art Basel Miami Beach 2010 art show will be held this year from the 2nd till 5th of December.

Art Basel Miami Beach is seen as one of the more important cultural events in the US, where works from artists represented by the major galleries of the world are shown. Besides the exhibition at the Miami Beach Convention Center, further cultural activities are programmed in other spaces of the locality. Such is the case of Art Public, in which works are sited in the public streets, parks, and corners of Miami Beach.

Art Public, curated this year for the second time by Patrick Charpenel of Guadalajara, Mexico, features 9 projects by internationally renowned artists from seven countries. The projects will be installed in the outdoor public spaces of Miami Beach, within close proximity to the Oceanfront area and the Miami Beach Convention Center.

The 2010 edition of Art Public will present works that engage directly with the viewer, interrupting the daily routine of passersby in poetic and surprising ways. Most of the works are site-specific and commissioned for Art Basel Miami Beach, including the projects by François Bucher and Minerva Cuevas; Fyodor Pavlov Andreevich will present a new site-specific performance.

One of the nine exihibitions will be of the art by Andrea Bowers. Andrea is an artist who works in Los Angeles. Her sign piece, ‘Educate, Agitate, Organize’ based on the iconic American labor slogan, was originally chosen as a gesture of solidarity towards the University of California teachers and students who were facing extreme budget cuts. The slogan also acts as a mantra for her artistic practice. With this work Bowers argues that radical education is intimately connected to active citizenry. Also the artist’s sign is a reminder that art works have historically functioned as agents for social change, and that social movements have always relied on graphic and aesthetic imagery to agitate, educate and organize.

2010 Art Projects at Public Art, Art Basel Miami Beach

Andrea Bowers: Educate, Agitate, Organize, 2010 / Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York
François Bucher: The Man Who Disappeared, 2010 / Proyectos Monclova, México
John Chamberlain: Piquanteagle, 2009 / Anthony Meier Fine Arts, San Francisco
Carlos Cruz-Diez: Color Aditivo, 1975-2010 / Sicardi Gallery, Houston
Minerva Cuevas: Atlas (Homage to Jean Vigo), 2010 / kurimanzutto, México D.F.
Runa Islam: Magical Consciousness, 2010 / White Cube, London
Marco Maggi: Global Myopia, 2010 / Josée Bienvenu Gallery, New York
Jorge Méndez Blake: There is no Easy Way from the Earth to the Stars, 2010 /
OMR, México, Meessen De Clercq, Bruxelles
Fyodor Pavlov Andreevich: The Great Vodka River, 2010 / Galeria Luciana Brito, São Paulo

A detailed description of each project:

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