Quality Art Materials Benefits Art Professionals

By Astrid Lee

As an artist myself, I have found that whenever I choose quality artwork, somehow the artwork gains a new dimension of worth. I find that I am mentioning little quality factors to buying candidates that just help things along.

Of course, potential buyers have to first find the work and love it. Then, they need to be coached to actually purchase it. It can be scare decision for some buyers, as there is sometimes not much to go by other than their own personal taste. Their taste is of course of overriding importance, but they are not always sure of that.

So, when I can bring in ‘quality’ features about and around the art, it helps clients feel comfortable that the art will last, and that they are making the right purchasing decision. Professionalism simply triggers trust, which is a prerequisite for sales.

While I still shop at my local art supplier, I have to say that I’m finding Blick Art Materials , an online merchant, of greater and greater value. Their range of products embraces quality artist supplies. Artists may know Dick Blick Art Materials to have a complete inventory of brushes, canvases, books, ceramics, scrapbooks, educational materials, printmaking, painting, display boards, crafts and audiovisual equipment.

However, they also have a wide range of products that suit art galleries and the self-displaying artist at fairs. Here are some favorites at Dick Blick:


Archival Storage Cases

Archival Storage Cases

These practical storage cases provide superior protection and easy access to artwork, prints, photographs, slides, and other valued pieces. Acid-free linings and acid-free glues are used in the construction of this case. It has metal latches, corner protectors, and a plastic carrying handle. The bottom of the case has rubber, non-skid feet.

Display Books

Prat Laser Refillable Spiral-Book

Prat Laser Refillable Spiral-Book

Protect and display your documents in style. A black, semi-rigid leather cover opens to reveal an innovative spiral binding system that allows for easy opening and page turning. It has a 20-page capacity. Included are 12 top-opening, archival, acid-free polypropylene Cristal laser sheet protectors, adaptable to current technologies, such as digital imaging, color photocopies, and laser copies. Deluxe black paper inserts are also included. Additional page refills are available in packages of 10.

Print Rack

Academy Ambrosia Print Rack

Academy Ambrosia Print Rack

An attractive, hardwood showcase for studio, gallery, art fair — or take it anywhere. Durable and sturdy, the Richeson Academy Rack opens to hold numerous pieces of all sizes. Assembly required.

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www.DickBlick.com - Online Art Supplies

Dick Blick is one of the primary suppliers of mail order art supplies in the United States, and in addition, has over 30 stores throughout the country.

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