Salvador Dali Museum

The US art community can rejoice: a renewed Salvador Dalí museum (nicknamed, ‘the Dalí’) has just opened on its new premises: 1 Dalí Blvd, St. Petersburg, Florida, this January 11,’11 at 11:11.


The Dalí’ Museum, A New Era

In line with Dali’s amazing sense of lines and space, the museum is an  amazing structure in about itself. The ceremony was symbolic of one of the surrealist’s works – and of the birth of a new era for the museum. The $35 million project, on the waterfront just south of Mahaffey Theatre, will contain 66,540-square-feet of exhibit and meeting space. The design features a glass sculpture that flows along the south side of the building. Architect Yann Weymouth said he tried to create an abstract expression of Dali’s style.


Dalí’ Museum Collection

With oils spanning from 1917 through 1970, the collection provides an excellent overview of Dalí’s major themes and symbols. Characterized by its diversity, it includes the Impressionist and Cubist styles of his early period, abstract work from his transition to Surrealism, the famous surrealist canvases for which he is best known, and examples of his preoccupation with religion and science during his classic period.

The 68,000 square feet structure houses the biggest collection of Salvador Dalí’s artwork outside Spain:

a. 2140 pieces of Dalí’s work

    b. 96 oil paintings

    c. Eight master works (measuring over 5′)

It is already called one of the most acclaimed collections of a single modern artist in the world.  The core collection was donated by Cleveland industrialist, A. Reynolds Morse and his wife Eleanor. It represents the culmination of a 45-year friendship between the Morses and Dalí and his wife, Gala. The old Dali museum first opened on March 7, 1982.


A Highlight-  The Curator’s Choice

Dali_hyperational dali museum

Le désir hyperrationnel


Pâte de verre and bronze 249/300

This most elegant of Dalí’s Surrealist objects, Le désir hyperrationnel (The hyperrational desire)- utilizes the Venus de Milo, the most famous antiquity in the Louvre. In 1936, Dali created the Venus de Milo with Drawers by cutting six drawers into the famous statue. By perforating the Venus, Dalí engages in the defacement of a classic symbol and demonstrates his preoccupation with Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theories.
Dalí’s later interpretations are based on his obsession with modern physics and contemporary scientific discoveries. In this new version, Venus’s head and abdomen are "dematerialized" from the body to an adjacent pedestal demonstrating the dissolution of gravity and the divisibility of matter.



Dalí’ Museum Mission

The Museum aims to regularly change exhibitions showcasing the large and varied permanent collection and frequently incorporate historical and contemporary art borrowed from top worldwide museums and collections. A specialized schedule of films, lectures, music series, adult and family friendly tours, and education programs for all ages are developed for each new exhibition.
channel 8, photo by Rod Challenger, Dali I am reborn again

Photo: HOK/Moris Moreno


The new Dali Museum Opening

Salvador Dali look-alike burst from a giant egg today as part of an elaborate groundbreaking for the city’s new Salvador Dali Museum.






Some of Dali’s Most Famous Works of Art

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