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This article ‘Starting a Contemporary Art Collection’ is one of several articles by Corinne Cain (December 07, 2005) posted on this website. She has a credible background in the field of the fine arts, and I hope you learn from her art insights and professional art suggestions.

This article is really a list of suggestions on how to get started.

  • Contact museum curators or art professionals in your area who do not sell.

    1. Build a relationship with these professionals by attending lectures where they assemble.

    2. Discuss your interest in collecting contemporary art and ask for their recommendations.

    3. Listen for names being repeatedly identified as quality artists.

  • Attend exhibitions at contemporary art galleries in your area. Ask for information about any work that interests you. This will help you understand what the artist intended for his or her work “to say.”
  • Go to national and international art fairs to gain additional exposure to contemporary art. Ask for information on work that interests you at these events as well.
  • Contact prominent local contemporary artists working in a medium you like and ask them to identify their “hot picks.”
  • Supplement your efforts by reading art publicatons such as Art in America, Art Forum, and Art News, as well as magazines directed toward just one kind of medium, for example, Fiberarts or types of art for example, Latinarte, Native Peoples and American Indian Art magazines.
  • Join ancillary museum groups focused on contemporary art. These events allow you to experience what experienced collectors of contemporary art have chosen. Travel to other cities with these groups to gain an even greater understanding of contemporary art.
  • Do MOST of the steps described above before purchasing for your collection.
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      Corinne Cain is the principal of Corinne Cain, Ltd, a nationally recognized firm affording expert appraisal and consulting services on Fine Art and Native American Art. Her background includes an MFA and MBA from Southern Methodist University. Ms. Cain is also the proprietor of, a nationally known secondary art market dealer.

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