Los Angeles Contemporary Art Museum Shows Broad Collection

Through September 2008, BCAM at LACMA will show its inaugural installation. The newly opened Broad Contemporary Art Museum at LACMA holds some of the most iconic artworks from the last four decades—most from the famed Broad Collections. Reflecting Eli and Edythe Broad’s practice of collecting artists in depth, BCAM’s 60,000 sq ft gallery space (about […]

Chicago Gallery Owner About Collecting Art

Chicago gallery owner and art dealer Dan Addington talks openly about the value of collecting original art. He’s answering key questions towards the end of the first video and into the second video. It starts out with: “how do you determine if a work is good work of art from an artist who is going […]

Famous Vogel Collection of 2500 artworks to be gifted in 2008/2009

A dream is coming through for 50 art institutions around the nation, as the renowned Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection of 2500 works of contemporary art is gifted and distributed among America’s 50 states, art museums around the country are getting excited. The Dorothy & Herbert Vogel Collection’s focus of the collection is on conceptual […]

Collecting Art Sculptures

The following is a great article for art collectors when considering the purchase of stone art sculptures. So if you have just fallen in love with that statue from Zimbabwe, read this first. Buying Stone Art If you’ve been considering getting an art purchase, you probably know there are numerous different types of artwork. I […]

Art Expression

An art collector has many things to consider, one of which is: what theme and ‘rules’ for collecting art. Within this context, I found this article on the many ways that art is expressed. Some Of The Many Different Ways Art Is Expressed Art is defined in the Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary Tenth Addition as […]

How to Collect Affordable Art: online

Collecting art does not have to cost a fortune. Below is an article that again shows that the Internet can be a great resource in putting your art collection together. Art Can Be Affordable Particularly On The Web Art is a very personal thing. One person likes landscapes, others like portraits, others have different styles- […]

On Collecting Art

Quality online websites and articles on collecting fine art, that I like and recommend: The Art Lady’s guide to the art market with no-nonsense advice What differentiates a collector from an art lover – article by art valuer 10 things to remember when starting a collection interesting article on a complete site about collecting Fine […]

Book Review ‘Discovering Art: A User’s Guide to the World of Collecting’

I started this article just introducing you to this little paperback book that I own, called ‘Discovering Art: A User’s Guide to the World of Collecting. Jeanne Frank wrote it in 1997 and you can probably pick up a second hand copy somewhere for $5 or so, because it is a bit older. However, like […]