America’s Top Museums & Art Galleries A-K

My list of US-based art museums and public galleries, in alphabetical order. Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh Housed in a renovated seven-floor warehouse building, the Andy Warhol museum displays more than 500 works of art in film, paintings, prints, and drawings, offering a comprehensive presentation of the development of Warhol’s work. The artworks displayed are drawn […]

The Life of Joan Miro

Often overshadowed by his peer and fellow countryman Picasso; MirĂ³ is undoubtedly one of the more influential artists of the 20th century. His adaptability to work in many mediums and his unique style place him at the vanguard of the modern art movement…

Quick Tips On How to Draw a Realistic Face

There are many artists who struggle with drawing a face and having it actually look like the person you are drawing. These tips should help you to achieve a more realistic outcome and have your drawings come to life. The first tip is probably the most important. When you are drawing, draw from a good […]

A Brief History of Caricatures

By Natalie Aranda A caricature is a portrait of a person that exaggerates certain features in order to express the essence of the person and still make the subject easily identifiable. Although it is often viewed as a comic type of art today, it has a rather long history. The earliest forms date back to […]

Julian Beever – Video of Creating a Chalk Artwork

Julian Beever is a contemporary artist who has made pavement drawings for over ten years. He has worked in the U.K., Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany, the USA and Australia. The pavement drawings have included both renderings of old masters plus a wealth of original inventive pieces of work. We all have to live, and […]

Salvador Dali Art – Surrealism At Its Best And Weirdest

Biography of Surrealist Artist Salvador Dali Whether you are a fan of the eccentric Salvador Dali or not, most everyone agrees his work is brilliant in its scope and intense imagination. Salvador Dali started his life as a reincarnation of his brother also named Salvador. At the age of 5 Dali was taken to his […]

Graffiti Sketches, Tags, Pieces & Labels explained

Neil Campbell Graffiti sketches is where most newcomers begin but really you should start by asking yourself – graffiti – what does it really mean to you? Most people see it as something that emerged only in modern society, scribbled by urban youth on railway bridges. However, its use can be traced back to ancient […]

The ‘Other’ Museums of Paris

By Gaizka Pujana These are perhaps the best known and most widely visited of the Paris museums. But Paris is also the home of many other fine museums that often get overlooked by the casual visitor — museums well worth seeing and well worth adding to any visitor’s itinerary Among those that should not be […]

Make Your Art Successful – Create A Story With Your Drawing And Painting

By Michael Dale When you draw a picture do you think about creating a story? Would you concern yourself about what your painting says? It doesn’t matter what art materials and tools you use to create your drawings and paintings, unless the picture you create has a history it can never be a success. Many […]

PULSE Contemporary Art Fair 2007

PULSE Contemporary Art Fair capped off an extraordinary year with its third Miami edition, held December 5-9, which drew substantial crowds and impressive sales. PULSE Miami confirmed the Fair’s role as a leader in the highly competitive art market. It is a pioneering art fair. From Chicago: Carl Hammer Gallery’s Chris Ware – Branford the […]