Outsider Art by Henry Darger ‘In the Realms of the Unreal’ – part 2

This is the continuation of part 1 of the article on the Outsider Art of Henry Darger. This first part of the article includes a detailed biography of Henry Darger and a description of his Outsider Art making methods. Here are the remainder of the video clips. At the end of the article, after the […]

Outsider Art by Henry Darger ‘In the Realms of the Unreal’ – Biography & Video Documentary

The works by the American artist and writer Henry Joseph Darger (1892 -1973) have become one of the most celebrated examples of Outsider Art. The extremity of his labor coupled with the innocence portrayed in what were meant-to-be-private artwork and subject matters invokes both awe and an uneasy feeling of voyeurism. Henry Darger Biography While […]

New York 17th Annual Outsider Art Fair

New York 17th Annual Outsider Art Fair starts tomorrow, January 9, and will last the entire weekend. Some of the world’s best known and highest priced artworks are made by self-taught artists. By being virtually unaffected by cultural or artistic convention, artists have the opportunity to really reflect the self and their honest views on […]

Outsider Art – Is It Really Art? – part 2

Continuation of part 1 of the article: Naive and Primitive Artists Dubuffet was working with the mentally ill artists, while “Outsider Art” outside of France was known to be a much more general term. It included not just the psychotic art, but also naive, self-taught, and primitive art as well. On the American scene in […]