Outsider Art – Is It Really Art? – part 2

Continuation of part 1 of the article: Naive and Primitive Artists Dubuffet was working with the mentally ill artists, while “Outsider Art” outside of France was known to be a much more general term. It included not just the psychotic art, but also naive, self-taught, and primitive art as well. On the American scene in […]

The French Art Revolution

Modern art owes a great debt to the revolution in art that took place in France in the 19th century. From Delacroix, and the impressionists such as Monet, to Van Gogh and Gauguin, the world of art was to be transformed forever.

America’s Top Museums & Art Galleries L-Z

J. Paul Getty museum, Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art, New York City Museum of Fine Arts Boston Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts houses and preserves preeminent collections and aspires to serve a wide variety of people through direct encounters with works of art. The museum display the art from many cultures and from different […]

Chuck Close & Robert Rauschenberg: 1 hr video interviews

This 1 hour video is a great treat!!! It contains two artists interviews of contemporary artists about their art. Interview with Chuck Close, Artist 1) Artist clips: “Chuck Close: Portrait in Progress” [Muse Film and Television / Art Kaleidoscope Foundation /WNET]; 2) book: “Chuck Close” [The Museum of Modern Art] “The Portraits Speak: Chuck Close […]

The Life of Joan Miro

Often overshadowed by his peer and fellow countryman Picasso; Miró is undoubtedly one of the more influential artists of the 20th century. His adaptability to work in many mediums and his unique style place him at the vanguard of the modern art movement…

Roy Lichtenstein

Introduction Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997) was an American artist born in New York City. He epitomized pop art, and brought popular culture into fine art. Personally, he described his pop art as industrial painting. Pop Art started in the ’50s and referred to the interest of a number of artists in the images of mass media, […]

Cutting-Edge Art — On Glass Art & Dale Chihuly

By Bronwen Roberts Art glass usually refers to the modern art glass movement in which individual artists work alone or with colleagues, creating works from molten glass in relatively small furnaces of a few hundred pounds of glass. Dale Chihuly It began in the early 1960s and showed an incremental growth through the end of […]

Constructionist Artist Varvara Stepanova

By Astrid Lee The great Russian artist Varvara Fedorovna Stepanova (1894-1958) delved into to a wide range of artistic trends from Social realism to Symbolism. However, Stepanova is mostly known for exploring and furthering Constructivism. New Abstract Art in Russia began around 1909 – some say, actual Constructivism started in 1919 when first mentioned by […]

Regarding Rene Magritte’s Letter to Michel Foucault

By Rajesh Shukla Surrealist painter Rene Magaritte After reading postmodern philosopher Michel Foucault’s book ‘the order of things’ wrote a letter to him with some photographs of his paintings. Letter was about relationship between things and words, thought and visuals, resemblance and similitude, Magaritte seeks confirmation on what he believes about thought and things. He […]

Rembrandt Impasto – A Master in the Shadows

By Jessie Corbett The Baroque period is characterised by dramatic art pieces that are direct and visceral. Paintings of that era depict scenes that imply energy, tension and movement. Rembrandt, a major contributor and forerunner of this period, was a virtuoso with luminosity, as well as a master at infusing his paintings with sympathy and […]