Tips for Creating Beautiful Polymer Clay Beads

By Astrid Lee, – Copyright 2007 To create beautiful polymer clay beads for your fine art jewelry, there are a number of steps you should take to ensure that right from the beginning you’re able to make a rather professional, artistic product, in an economical way. Article from FIRST THE BASICS: TIPS FOR […]

A ‘How to’-article: Techniques for Creating an Art Book

The following example on how to create an artbook was found on a polymer clay fine craft supply website: Faux Jade Mini Book Of course, you can completely tailor the techniques to provide your own messages and do your own detailing. Having said that, this Asian Proverb book project offers a myriad of art techniques […]

Polymer Clay Beads

If you are looking for practical examples, look for specialist websites, such as the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild . Browsing through their picture pages, offers a wealth of specific and rather advanced ideas. Not that advanced in creating polymer clay beads yet? Below is an article which offers a practical guide into the world […]