Reverse Glass Painting – Centuries Old Art Form

Reverse glass painting is the art of painting an image on the reverse side of a piece of glass or glass object so that the image can be viewed from the unpainted side. It has been done since early in the sixteenth century in Europe, and was known in China during the early 18th century.

Who Needs TV When You Can Watch a Painting? -1

By Daniel Kretschmer When I look at a painting, the artist speaks to me. I can picture the painter at work at his easel, making the brush strokes, mixing the paint and pigments. I see the blank parts of the canvas and the colors and I can almost imagine what they are thinking. And I […]

Rembrandt Impasto – A Master in the Shadows

By Jessie Corbett The Baroque period is characterised by dramatic art pieces that are direct and visceral. Paintings of that era depict scenes that imply energy, tension and movement. Rembrandt, a major contributor and forerunner of this period, was a virtuoso with luminosity, as well as a master at infusing his paintings with sympathy and […]

Simonetta Vespucci – The Face That Launched A Thousand Prints

The visage of a ravishing, young woman appears again and again in the art of Sandro Botticelli, Early Italian Renaissance painter. It is a face that is almost as familiar to art lovers all over the world as that of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Botticelli’s model for his most famous art work, The Birth […]

French Impressionism In The Heart Of Paris

By M. Davies It’s safe to say that for many of us, when we think of the centuries of art that have served to fix Paris as the cultural capital of Europe, what comes to mind above all else, perhaps even the soaring towers of Notre Dame and the Place de la Concorde’s gold capped […]

Where to Commission a Portrait

When you need a photograph changed to art form, you can commission a portrait. Now what do we need for commissioning a portrait? All you need is a photograph even a fuzzy old photograph will do. The artist tries to make an exact replica of the photograph given. When there are missing elements in the […]

The Inventor of Oil Paintings

By Sara Swansson In comparison to many other art forms, oil painting is still considered relatively new. Oil painting is the use of oil in pigments in order to paint. Oil paintings date back to the 1400’s. Before oil painting, paint was mixed with plaster found in frescoes or egg in tempera paints. The invention […]

Art – Rembrandt’s Life

By Michael Russell Rembrandt is an extraordinary Dutch painter, etcher and draftsman of the 1600s. He is most well known for his chiaroscuro, his brush work and the way in which he connected with the human soul. His life, however, was not a happy one. Rembrandt’s full name is Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn. He was […]

The Life of Diego Velasquez

Diego Velasquez is one of Spain’s most celebrated and influential painters, born in 1599 he rose to become the leading artist in the royal court of Phillip IV. Velasquez came along during the contemporary Baroque period and went on to become one of it’s leading exponents alongside the likes of Peter Paul Rubens. Portrait of […]

How to Collect Affordable Art: online

Collecting art does not have to cost a fortune. Below is an article that again shows that the Internet can be a great resource in putting your art collection together. Art Can Be Affordable Particularly On The Web Art is a very personal thing. One person likes landscapes, others like portraits, others have different styles- […]