Quality Art Materials Benefits Art Professionals

By Astrid Lee As an artist myself, I have found that whenever I choose quality artwork, somehow the artwork gains a new dimension of worth. I find that I am mentioning little quality factors to buying candidates that just help things along. Of course, potential buyers have to first find the work and love it. […]

Why don’t men ‘do’ scrapbooking?’

Why is it that nearly all scrapbook enthusiasts are women? It’s not as if we don’t like taking photographs, is it? If you’re on holiday and someone barges into you while they’re trying to line up a family shot, it’s not going to be Mum standing there apologetically! We also love collecting things, though that’s […]

Books As Art 101

This article “Scrapbooking Ideas to Make a Wonderful Scrapbook” is a perfect start for Fine Art Book makers. Get over any ‘oh my goodness, it’s about craft not art’-feelings you may have as a fine art student, and read on to learn about mood boards. “Scrapbooking can be compared with a unique form of art. […]

Book As Art 101: Page Layout

This article “Scrapbooking Page Layout Ideas and Suggestions” written by a scrapbook art instructor discusses page layout ideas and is a good complement to the Book As Art article on this website on ‘mood boards’. “Scrapbooking is one of those things that keep our memories alive and brings smiles to people‚Äôs faces for years to […]