The History of Airbrushing

Since World War I, many artists and painters have implemented modern technology into their art form. Airbrushes and the development of their use began its popularity almost literally at the same time in Europe and the United States. These movements were started by both Man Ray (New York City) and Wassily Kandinsky at the Bauhaus School in Germany.

Airbrushes were initially used by Man Ray in New York to develop paintings in the year 1917. However, in 1933 in Europe, the fear of Communism was emerging. Because of this fear, the Bauhaus school was closed down by the Nazis.

At this time, most of the leaders in the airbrush movement immigrated to the United States. The New Bauhaus school was eventually started in Chicago; ironically, most often considered the home of the airbrush industry in America.

Since then, the airbrush has been used for a variety of different art forms and projects. From temporary tattooing and commercial art to sunless tanning and cake decorating, airbrush supplies are a fairly large market. Many retailers offer a wide range of kits, compressors, hoses, paints, stencils and tools for your every airbrush need. The popularity of the art movement has taken the consumer industry by storm.

By Sarah Freeland

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