Commerce Turned Art Turned Commerce…Warholmania.

‘I don’t know where artificial starts and real stops’ Andy Warhol once said.

In my research for the feature article on Warhol, I could not help but being amazed with the wide range of products for sale carrying his name and or his art, or are inspired by his work.

What do you think? Are we mocking commercialism and society with these products, or are we as a society relishing his bright colors, returning his artistic works back to products?

Who do we value: Andy Warhol, the Retailer & Commercial Illustrator, or Andy Warhol, the questioning Artist???

Have fun reviewing these products, and yes, you are allowed to shop for your rebel girlfriend who might delight in a pair of Warhol Shoes!

Andy Warhol Home Decor

Warhol Snowboards & Other Sports Gear

Warhol Mugs & Other Kitchen Ware


Oh, and there is So Much More

Here is a grab bag of Andy Warhol goods. See what else you can find. Some of it is fun, some of it is .. well, ridiculous, and some of it is … well, not ordinary, but special in a kind way. Take your pick, but please retain your originality.

Did you see that Andy Warhol (-inspired) Obama t-shirt??!!!
Or the rare ‘ANDY WARHOL: PHILIP’S SKULL’- book ?

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