When Art Broke Out of the Gallery, Keith Haring Led the Pack (Videos)

Keith Haring Pop Art Book

Today I want to show you a series of Keith Haring videos that insightful, well-crafted and comprehensive.

Together they form a graphic and verbal portrait, documentary, or biography if you wish, of who Keith Haring was as an artist. They highlight the many milestones in his artistic career.

They touch upon many aspects of the life of artist Keith Haring:

  • Keith Haring’s early subway station experiences
  • his painting the town
  • Keith’s artistic discovery
  • Keith artistic mission statement

  • Keith Haring’s humanism
  • his populism, outsider art
  • Discussions of some of his most influential works
  • His increasing scale in artistic expression,
    including the Keith Haring murals

  • Haring’s art in the context of commercialism,
    touching upon his t-shirts and commercials
    and The Pop Shop, his own Keith Haring gallery

  • Haring’s artistic influences
  • Keith Haring’s collaborations, including an artwork created with 900 children

  • His exhibition at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery
  • and other aspects you can still discover for yourself.

The videos include many short interviews with people who influenced or witnessed this artist’s career. Each video is just under 10 minutes.

Drawing the Line – Keith Haring (1989) Part 1 of 3

(if you can’t see the videos, click here: Keith Haring videos 1-3 )

Drawing the Line – Keith Haring (1989) Part 2 of 3

Drawing the Line – Keith Haring (1989) Part 3 of 3

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Keith Haring Illustrated Biography

Stay tuned for the upcoming written biography with details and meaningfully illustrations of Keith Haring artwork. It will be posted on this blog later this week.

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